What do we do

Values and services we offer

We organize bike outings and events with all the guarantees and qualified professionals.
We design and test the routes ourselves to offer a better experience.
You will find all kinds of clothing, accessories and complements related to the bike, as well as
the latest models of some of the best and most pioneering brands in the sector.
Exclusive products
We have exclusive products with Guiabike design and the best materials on the market.
We put your bike ready and prepared to make it available for any project you may have in mind.
We offer a transport service for our tours, either for bicycles or for those who have booked the service.
Health and Nutrition
In our store, you will also find nutrition products for the most challenging and demanding outings.
We offer a bike repair service.

Who we are


In Guiabike we are seduced by one word: cycling. The perfect combination: cycling and tourism. The pleasure of cycling with no other intention than that of enjoying.

Guiabike was born in 2014 after the maturation of a project that is actually the result of a lifetime of learning. Once the company was registered in the Catalan Council of Sport and our employees were registered in the Catalan school as professional guides, we defined two very clear and differentiated lines of action.

  • To individuals: Service of reparation and sale of equipment for the bike, from our local located in c. Oriente, 3 in Castellbisbal.
  • To professionals (related, or not, to the world of cycling, such as bike shops, travel agencies, clubs, administrations, companies, schools…) and individuals:
    • Guiding activity for road and/or gravel mountain bike routes.
    • Extracurricular activities for primary and secondary school children.
    • Summer camps for children aged from 10 to 15 years old.