How we do it

Guiabike Routes

Exclusive services

Route design and preparation
We select the best itineraries that create unforgettable experiences for all the participants.
Transport of personnel and bikes
We take care of the transfers to the airports and to transport the cyclists and the bikes as well as their equipment.
Bike guides in the group
During the course of the routes, you will always be accompanied by professional guides who will ride by your side.
Support vehicles
At any moment we will have the capacity to transport the cyclists and their bikes in our support vehicles.
Liquid and solid supplies during the stages
Whenever you need it, you will have both liquid and solid supplies. Forget about carrying energy bars and gels with you.
Basic mechanical service
We have qualified staff to solve most of the mechanical problems that may occur on your bikes.
Tracks with detailed stage profiles and altimetries
You will face all the stages with the most precise information possible, in terms of mileage, slopes, altitudes, timetables and others.
Accommodation management
We know the territory where we ride, so we always offer the best accommodations to be ready to face the stages with the best guarantees.

How we do it


“Bicycle touring” is the word that seduces Guiabike.

The perfect combination: cycling and tourism. The pleasure of pedaling with no other pretense than to enjoy it.

The bike is the perfect vehicle for tourism. Quite fast to be able to make long distances but sufficiently slow to be impregnated by your surroundings. It is clean, silent, sustainable and an economic way to enjoy life.

We like trips that offer something more than a physical effort and seek to design unforgettable experiences for everyone who participates in our events. That is why we look for routes that can bring us the greatest number of sensations: routes in exceptional surroundings, hidden roads that lead to unknown places, ascensions that the great cycling tours have turned into myths for cyclists…

We do not look for competition but we like great challenges and personal overcoming. We are indeed lovers of the “pave”, the “distance ” and the “mountain pass.

But nothing of this would make sense without the warmth of people. From our experience,bikes unite people, make us equal and create links that never get lost. We actively seek to favor those links.

At Guiabike we work with the best ingredients, we cook them with the best recipes we know… and we share the result with you hoping to provide a festival of sensations, emotions and experiences: Bicycle touring.

In the Pyrenees we play at home, we have been cycling around this mountain range for years. From the Cantabric to the Mediterranean sea: the area of ​​Navarra, Lus Saint Sauvier, or Ariège . Destinations where all good cyclist tourists should have cycled once in their lifetime.

In the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, and more specifically in the Berguedà region, we offer exceptional routes with the advantage of being just one hour by car from Barcelona.

In the surroundings of Barcelona we also find charming routes : Collserola, Montserrat, Massís de Sant Llorenç. With these routes you can start cycling from the city.

And if you look for a more adventurous experience, alpine stages of the Tour or Giro would be your routes . The mountain ports of the Alps or the Dolomites are waiting for you. We could cycle where the history of these great “loops” has been written!!!